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Using NetStat to get process name from port number or IP addreess

NetStat is one of powerful Unix command line tools that is present on pretty much every machine, simple to use and yet is very powerful in the hands of advanced user. With NetStat you can debug network problems without installing … Continue reading

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Copying to OSX Clipboard from Remote Linux Terminal in iTerm2

Many people know about extremely useful program pbcopy that copies from stdin to Mac clipboard. You can do something like cat urls.txt | pbcopy to copy content of urls.txt to Mac clipboard. Easy and very useful. Unfortunately when you connect … Continue reading

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Using GNU Parallel to speed up and simplify data analyzes

GNU Parallel is one of the lesser known tools for Unix that can significantly speed up data analyzes. Parallel is a tool to run commands in parallel in different processes. It has much easier to understand syntax than xargs and … Continue reading

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