To Do List

  1. Visit North Pole
  2. Visit South Pole
  3. Goldeneye Bungee Jump at Verzasca Dam
  4. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (highest mountain in Africa)
  5. Climb Mt. Rainier (highest mountain in continental US by prominence)
  6. Do Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon
  7. Bike Seattle To Portland (STP)
  8. Do tandem sky diving
  9. Do static line sky diving
  10. Do solo sky diving with free fall
  11. Scuba Dive in Egypt
  12. Cross Andes on Horses from Chile to Argentina
  13. Participate in dog sledding race in Alaska
  14. Cruise Caribbean islands
  15. Hike Inca Trail in Peru
  16. Climb Mt. Elbrus (highest mountain in Europe)
  17. Climb Mt. Aconcagua (highest mountain in South America)
  18. Rent a sailing boat and hop between islands in Aegean Sea
  19. Visit Vaygach Island (Остров Вайгач), Russian Far North
  20. Swim in Devil’s Pond at Victoria Falls
  21. Go on safari in Africa
  22. Climb Mt. Fuji (highest mountain in Japan)
  23. Visit 100 countries (list where I have been so far)
  24. Visit Mecca
  25. Hike Mt. St. Helen
  26. Hike Great Wall in China
  27. Visit Great Pyramids in Egypt
  28. Tour White House in DC
  29. Climb Mt. Whitney (highest mountain in continental US by elevation)
  30. Hike in Yellowstone National Park