Moving and Resizing Windows on Mac

Microsoft Windows has excellent keyboard shortcuts that control window size and position and let you easily move window from one display to another (if you have two display setup). When I started using Mac I was surprised that by default Mac does not have any shortcuts that reliably control window sizes – to maximize app I had to use mouse to click on small green circle in the upper left corner of the window. It was extremely annoying especially because I use notebook and often switch between desktop setup (with 30″ external monitor) and tiny 13″ MacBook Air display.

Fortunately there is excellent app that solves this problem – Spectacle. It has all the features that I need – maximize window, move window from one side to another and move window to one of the corners. My productivity was immensely improved from using this small utility.

I did not like default settings for keyboard shortcuts in Spectacle, so I set shortcuts to the one below.


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