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Copying to OSX Clipboard from Remote Linux Terminal in iTerm2

Many people know about extremely useful program pbcopy that copies from stdin to Mac clipboard. You can do something like cat urls.txt | pbcopy to copy content of urls.txt to Mac clipboard. Easy and very useful. Unfortunately when you connect … Continue reading

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Using GNU Parallel to speed up and simplify data analyzes

GNU Parallel is one of the lesser known tools for Unix that can significantly speed up data analyzes. Parallel is a tool to run commands in parallel in different processes. It has much easier to understand syntax than xargs and … Continue reading

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Capturing Screen Recording on MacBook

Many people do not know that every Mac computer has pre-installed screen video capture utility. All you need to do is start QuickTime Player, go to File->New Screen Recording and start recording video.

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Google Chrome Shortcuts

Many people do not know about excellent shortcuts that Google Chrome provides on both Microsoft Windows and MacBook. Below is list of shortcuts that I use daily ⌘-N Opens a new window. ⌘-T Opens a new tab. ⌘-Shift-N Opens a … Continue reading

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Using iTerm2 with Growl for Notifications

When I compile or do any other operation in terminal that takes a long time, I usually switch to browser or start doing something else – who wants to stare at terminal doing nothing for 10 minutes. Before I started … Continue reading

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Moving and Resizing Windows on Mac

Microsoft Windows has excellent keyboard shortcuts that control window size and position and let you easily move window from one display to another (if you have two display setup). When I started using Mac I was surprised that by default … Continue reading

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Transposing columns and rows in Unix/Linux

There is no direct command to transpose columns/rows but you can easily do it using command tr. This is often necessary when you want to find out total number of columns or ordinal number of some specific column For example … Continue reading

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